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Rattle Eye Joe
Manufacturer: Matzuo
Product Number: MREJ-109
UPC: 691791562374
Wholesale Unit: 6 lures/box

Color: 109 - Blue Gill
Product Description: The Rattle Eye Joe has a precisely weighted body with a tight vibrating action. This bait sinks with a tantalizing horizontal fall and engages into a tight head down wiggle upon retrieve. This bait is excellent for covering a large amount of water quickly and is a superb bait for early Spring and Fall fishing situations. Extremely versatile allowing you to fish both shallow or deep this is multi-species highly productive bait. The Rattle Eye Joe is precisely weighted with stainless steel ball bearing which creates an exact internal weight for optimum action and a loud resonating pitch for maximum sound. Also featured are lifelike 3-D eyes, chrome plated or highly reflective prism patterns, contoured bodies and quality Matzuo hooks.

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