Bait Aerator
220-AP-SP by FJN/Dolphin
New Style Bait Aerator - The "02" Bait Spa!
AP-2000 by FJN/Dolphin
Features Include: Molded High-Impact plastic body - resists corrosion, motor compartment sealed with a watertight rubber gasket, flexible metal clip conforms to a wide variety of buckets....
1 pc
Pro Series Bait Spa
AP-2500 by FJN/Dolphin
Bubbles Top Combo Pak
LB-11 by Marine Metal
Universal 5 Gallon Lid with Aerator. Fits most 5-gallon buckets. Runs 33 hours on 2 alkaline "D" batteries. Weighted airston, silicone airline tubing enclosed in pump. Big hinged door for easy access. Cutting board top. Tool tabs....
1 each
Super Saver Kit
SS-212 by Marine Metal
12 volt DC aeration/pump system. Fills, aerates, and empties any livewell. Adjusts to any size insulated chest, livewell or container. Mounts with suction cups or screws. Certified non-toxic Fish Foam filter....
1 each

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