Plano Double-Sided Storage Box
1715 by Plano
Double-sided storage. 10 removable dividers create 16-26 compartments. Molded-in handle. Gray Metallic/Blue....
4 per carton
Tackle Storage Box for Crappie/Trout Anglers
3215 by Plano
Popular with crappie and trout anglers. Bulk storage area. Two-sided storage. Gray Metallic/Blue....
6 per carton
Plano Stowaway Utilities Connectable Satchel
3860 by Plano
Connectable satchel. Can be connected to create a double-sided unit. Create 5-17 compartments....
6 per carton
Double-Sided Double Cover Satchel
3952 by Plano
Retractable handle. Up to 208 compartments. Lockjaw latches. Blue w/ Clear Lid....
2 per carton
Double Satchel Tackle Box
7320 (6093TB) by Flambeau
Aggressive styling and design. 27 multi-depth storage compartments. Largest in medium satchel class. Permanent spinnerbait section holds up to 7 baits....
Dimensions: 13.25" x 4.75" x 9.5" 
4 per carton

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