Fisherman's Clippers (Nail Clipper Style)
560 by FJN/Dolphin
Packed each on a blister card w/ lanyard....
1 pc
Straight Forceps
F55-S by FJN/Dolphin
Straight Forceps, Stainless Steel, 5 1/2" long, Precision Engineered, Tight-Grip Jaws...
NightBlaster Fish-N-Lite
FL-208 by Optronics
Floating Fishing Light...
3" Hook File
HF-3 by FJN/Dolphin
Hook Hone
HH-1 by FJN/Dolphin
Retractable Hook Sharpener
MSTD-18 by Mustad
8 Function Fishing Tool
MSTD-19B by Mustad
Stainless steel 8 function fishing tool....
4 Piece Multi-Pack Tool Set
MSTD-25 by Mustad
4 piece multi-pack includes: 36 inch lanyard, jig-eye buster with a chrome buster point and easy-use push button punch, stainless steel clippers with a sharpening file, pocket knife, line pick and 2 bending edges. File has dual aluminum oxide cutting file...
MSTD-7 by Mustad
6 inch, stainless steel...

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