#1 Spring Action Landing Gaff
#1 GAFF by Douglas Net
Gaff for fish. Real sharp point. 9"....
#2 Gaff Spring Action Gaff
#2 GAFF by Douglas Net
For frogs. Sharp point. 6". Kills....
#3 Spring Action Landing Gaff
#3 GAFF by Douglas Net
For frogs. Round Point. 6"....
#4 HAN-D Gaff Fish Gripper
#4 GAFF by Douglas Net
For landing fish....
Scale-N-Tape Measure
150-SR by FJN/Dolphin
Fish Weighing Scales
160-SR by FJN/Dolphin
28 lb. DI-LIAR type scale. Each on a blister card....
1 pc
Snelled Hook Remover
2190 by FJN/Dolphin
2292 by FJN/Dolphin
New Deluxe Heavy Duty Skinning Pliers with Red Vinyl Coated Handles. Handles are longer than standard skinners & feature a heavy duty spring for easier opening and super grip. Extra wide jaws. Each in a vinyl bag with Dolphin brand header....
1 pc
33-SP by FJN/Dolphin
All Dolphin spears are top quality and individually carded on Dolphin brand skin cards....
1 cd
4 Prong Frog Spear
34-SP by FJN/Dolphin
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